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Mama Nova

Mama Nova is a Croatian fashion brand, which is the only brand specialized in pregnant women clothes. It was founded in the absence of such clothing line and it is aiming to offer pregnant women and mothers a choice of comfortable, but modern pregnant womens clothing with quality materials and at reasonable prices.

In our offer you can find everything what an expectiong mother would need during pregnancy, but also what she can wear after. Our offer includes casual and sportswear, business, evening and elegant clothes as well as a special program for breastfeeding. In her wardrobe a pregnant woman can have specially designed and tailored clothing for the growth of the belly - from tracksuits, T-shirts, tunics, shirts, skirts, pants and dresses to sleepwear, underwear, corsets and bras.

Following global trends, but also nurturing different styles, we design clothes of diverse combinations in which every pregnant woman can find something for themselves. Different patterns and cuts them a pregnant woman can remain true to her style, but also choose the model that corresponds to the structure of her body. Her choice of fashion accessories jewelry and scarves, can complement each combination. Custom design and funny t-shirts with prints have been recognized by other customers who, by using our workers easily find useful gifts for pregnant women.

The production process are led by professionals who with teamwork and modern technology provide extremely high quality materials. Clothes were made according to the recommendations and advice of our customers on whose participation we are particularly proud.

We are committed to your goal - to create clothes in which pregnant women can find satisfaction. Make yourself comfortable, relaxed, elegant, confident, romantic and feminine but in your nine most difficult, but also happiest months.

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