Pack the perfect bag for the maternity ward

Underwear that preserves the health of pregnant women
January 25, 2017

Pack the perfect bag for the maternity ward

Already stressed about going to the hospital? Yes, so we thought. When it comes time to go, you might forget to take even the most important things. Therefore, make sure that everything you need packed and ready, so you do not stay at home next to the sink! Packaging in advance is wise, but sometimes it is not practical because you are some things that you need to use until the time came to go to the hospital. Another solution is make a list. We have prepared such a list. Use our list as a starting point when you are deciding what to bring. Feel free to add things that you think would be soothing for you and your baby.

For you – the list for future mothers:

  • Documents: Identity card, health card, pregnancy card
  • Items for personal hygiene
  • Toilet paper, paper toilet seat, wipes
  • Sanitary napkins, pads for nursing mothers
  • Hair dryer, scissors
  • Towels
  • Briefs (including disposable panties) and bras for breast-feeding
  • A pair of comfortable socks
  • Nightgowns for breastfeeding that otvarajusprijeda (2-3 pieces)

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