Truth and myths about pregnancy and pregnant women

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January 25, 2017

Truth and myths about pregnancy and pregnant women

Old women claim that every pregnant woman can look at the belly and say if she wore a girl or a boy. Many say that sex should be avoided because this child in her stomach felt as discomfort to guys born later because they are a bit lazy …

There is a lot of legends and misconception about pregnancy and pregnant women, and we here lined the five most common:

1. Pregnat women should eat for two

Pregnant women should actually gain as much weight as much as a set of weight amniotic fluid and the placenta (11-13 kg). This is the most common misconception, that has additions such as ‘you should gain some weight because you need strength to get up’ or ‘you’d better gain some weight if you plan to breast-feed because otherwise the child will dry it out’. The being that develops in you and that we like to call a child even though it is not yet, so you only need 300 calories more per day than before pregnancy, and only from the second quarter. Pregnant women should actually gain weight as much as a set of weight amniotic fluid and the placenta (11-13 kg) – more and more of it is stored as fat. In addition, the thicker the women have more power than the contrary – it’s easier to get tired.

For a woman who is breast-feeding it is far more important to eat well than to eat more. Not a problem if after birth weigh 2-3 kg more than at the moment of conception, especially if you’ve been skinny before. However, if you suffer from the usual excess weight, strictly watch your weight during pregnancy. The other extreme isn’t good as well: pregnancy and childbirth change the woman’s body, but you should be aware of the harmfulness of quickly achieving perfect lines or even anorexic looks seen among mothers from the celebrity world.

2. During pregnancy you should avoid exercise

Exercise is useful and necessary at any age, even during pregnancy. Of course, this only applies to healthy pregnant women and pregnancy flowing normally. In case of any complications, decisions on almost all aspects of behavior of pregnant women needs a doctors opinion. The best forms of exercise for pregnant women is pilates, swimming and special pregnancy exercises that maintain health and fitness, but also help to prepare the body for childbirth. If it’s hot outside, we particularly emphasize: with exercise during pregnancy it is crucial that the pulse and body temperature does not significantly rise. Wear light clother and care that the effort does not exceed the limits of comfort. Towards the end of pregnancy, most women do not feel the need for sex

3. Pregnant women should throw out foods that cause allergies

Marine life, nuts, berries, eggs, milk and dairy products in some people cause allergies, but it has nothing to do with the unborn child. If a pregnant woman is not allergic to anything, diet should be kept as diverse as possible and more regular. Experts warn that children usually get allergies because they are fed foods too early, even before six months of age. Foods that cause allergies are usually given much later (nuts and seafood, for example, only between the second and fourth year of life).

4. Coffee, tea and alcohol do not interfere with pregnancy

Everyone knows that alcoholism is a disease and that cigarettes and drugs harm pregnancy and fetal development, but here we draw attention to something else: in our country the rooted opinion is that in pregnancy continued drinking recreationaly is okay, provided they are not exaggerating the numbers. However, it turned out that alcohol should be excluded even when preparing for pregnancy. If you just happen to attend the wedding of your best friend, a glass of champagne will not get the child drunk, but the rule is: alcohol during pregnancy only in exceptional circumstances and in the smallest quantities. Coffee should reduce to one cup a day or, better yet, drink decaf. White and green tea are good sources of antioxidants, but do not go overboard because of the caffeine. Drink natural juices and discard those with sugar and especially carbonated.

5. Sex should at first be reduced, then abolished

A child developing in you has no idea of ​​moral principles, nor does sex cause him any discomfort. The hormones that are released during and after sex are useful, but sex in pregnancy should be approached as before: have sex is how often you want. This usually means that couples have sex in early pregnancy more often than usual because they are more relaxed (no need for protection and they are happy about the baby). Towards the end of pregnancy, most women do not feel the need for sex, and it is not easy to find a comfortable position.

When she already bears a child, the minimum that he should do is to refrain from the moment sex is no longer pleasant to her. When pregnancy is fine and due date has passed and you dont want to wait any longer, some couples will tell you from experience that the movement of the pelvis and other movements during sex can be a trigger for starting the labor.

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