Underwear that preserves the health of pregnant women

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November 26, 2016
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January 25, 2017

Underwear that preserves the health of pregnant women

The first thing you will notice is that you need a larger bra. If you normally wear a bra number three, it is likely that you will be extended to the number of four or more. Make sure your bra is an appropriate number in order to avoid pressure on the nipple. Although bras with wire and push-up pads much more attractive, are not recommended because they carry prevents normal development of breasts during pregnancy (may cause blockage of milk glands which can result in painful breastfeeding) and not enough to support large breasts. Therefore, it is recommended to have 2-3 bras that will be sufficient during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Apart from bras, colder days require extra protection. Undershirts are necessary because of the winter guard. If this is 2 in 1 clothing pieces, then we have the ideal protection and practical function. Undershirts for breastfeeding are the perfect solution throughout pregnancy, and of course later in dojenja. High waist underwear will prevent delineation on clothing, particularly festive. It protects the stomach completely, especially for cold winter days. Corset is designed to help mothers to return to its line in the state before pregnancy.It helps to reduce swelling of the uterus, is the perfect support for the back and legs, reducing stretchmarks.It is proven that its constant and increased pressure on the abdominal area helps in handling the belly and redefining lines waist, while forcing a person to hold proper posture. Its role is even more prominent after cesarean section because it shortens recovery time after surgery and reduces the feeling of pain, which enables greater mobility after surgery.

Mama Nova has it all in one place, and cares for the health and quality of pregnant women.

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